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Everyone Deserves a Working Future

First Step Staffing believes a job is much more than a paycheck. For people facing barriers to employment, it can mean dignity, opportunity, and hope. Your financial contribution helps provide the crucial first step to self-sufficiency, delivering a wraparound support program that serves both the immediate needs of deserving individuals and the long-term health of our greater community.  


We’re a nonprofit that works directly with the business sector to fuel social change. Our innovative staffing model matches the necessities of employers and job seekers while addressing the employment challenges  faced by people who may be experiencing homelessness or living in chronic poverty, military veterans, and the previously incarcerated.  With a comprehensive approach that includes personal coaching, assessment and placement, job site transportation, above-minimum wage pay, and a network of nonprofit support services, we maintain a ready and motivated workforce designed for ongoing success.  


Our work is changing lives every day. Your support makes it possible.

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