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About Us

Our Vision:

Our vision serves as our North Star, inspiring us to reach new heights and achieve extraordinary success:

"To create opportunity and dignity through employment so everyone in our communities can THRIVE.”

Our Mission:

Our new mission statement is a powerful reflection of our purpose and the direction we are heading:


"The mission of First Step Staffing is to provide a pathway to economic stability through employment and retention services.”

Our Values:

Our values define our organizational culture and guide our behavior with each other and the individuals we serve, operating as the bedrock of our organization.

These values are (see image below):

Screenshot 2023-08-28 092141.png

There’s a better working solution out there.
Take the First Step with us.

For our business partners, we are the First Step to a more meaningful and beneficial staffing solution. We bring experience in each industry, a pipeline of rapidly deployed trained personnel, and a reputation for best-in-class customer service. First Step comes already geared for success,  providing worksite transportation, background checks, payroll, insurance, protective equipment, and workers' compensation. Our Second Step,  advanced training in construction, forklift, CDL, and other certifications, ensures a diverse and appropriately skilled workforce.

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